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Drug & Alcohol Rehab

If you are struggling with drugs or alcohol abuse, or know someone who is there is help available. We At A Better Today provide various options for the residents of Concord to get the help they deserve for long term recovery. Don't wait any longer.

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Detox & Withdrawals

The detox period is vital to an individual entering into recovery from a substance addiction. Detrimental chemicals and toxins are released from the body during this process giving the addicted person a clear mind upon entering into treatment.

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Your loved one may have a serious problem and doesn’t see it or refuses help that has been offered; in this case an intervention may be necessary to open the door to their freedom from this fatal disease. An intervention can either be held by you or you can utilize professional help to open their eyes.

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Rehab Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, please view our FAQs or call us at: (925) 233-6033.

Centering in the brain, addiction is a potentially fatal disease that impairs the addicted persons ability to function and make decisions. Addiction is not a choice.

When using a particular substance you find that you need more and more to produce the same feeling, you are more than likely addicted by that point. Another thing to notice is if you go through withdrawals when you stop using the substance, you are likely addicted.
Developing a tolerance to the substance, needing higher doses to produce the same effect or if you go through withdrawals when you stop using, chances are you have become addicted.

Addiction is a destructive force that attacks every area of an individual's life. Not only does it affect the person using the substance mentally, physically, and emotionally; it affects the lives of those who love them. Addiction tears apart households and relationships. This illness can result in serious health issues, seizures, psychosis and death as well as accidents and dangerous situations.

We respect your privacy here at A Better Today, there is no need to stress about your information getting out. HIPAA ( The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is there to assure you that your privacy is taken seriously.

The choice of whether to go inpatient or outpatient for treatment services is entirely up to you and what your needs are. Inpatient has been proven more successful than outpatient for many reasons however, outpatient has been very helpful to many. In the case you are able to go this route inpatient is the best way to go.

Most insurance providers provide coverage for a large portion of the treatment costs if you qualify.

When someone is in the same environment they used and continued their addiction their chances of not using are considerably less than if they went out of town or out of state. When you are in the same environment you have more triggers and opportunity to fall back into old habits.

Struggling With Addiction in Concord, CA? A Better Today Wants To Help

There are many here in Concord who suffer with an addiction just like many other areas. The majority of the population of addicts however, unfortunately will not or cannot get the help they deserve. When someone is addicted not only do they suffer personally, those who love them also suffer. Individually an addict is affected mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally by this disease. The lives of those around the addict are turn upside down by this destructive force. Relationships, households, careers, and social well-being are all components damaged by addiction. The vicious cycle keeps the addict spinning as if on a hamster wheel and they can feel like there is no way out, addiction robs an individual of freedom of choice in whether to pick up or not. Diminishing the quality of the sufferers life, they may feel hopeless or "trapped". This chronic disease has resulted in many premature deaths, suicide, accidents as well as severe health risks such as overdose, seizure, heart issues and more. Using has become the only option to those who have been enslaved by addiction but here at A Better Today we can break the chains of addiction.

What is Treatment Like at A Better Today?

Admitting defeat or asking for help is never easy, it requires courage and humility. You may have a loved one who has a serious problem but refuses help or won't ask for it, this is when an intervention may be necessary. It isn't uncommon for an addict to think that they are only causing harm to themselves, but to the loved ones of the addict that is not the case. During an intervention the loved ones of the addicted person will have an opportunity to express their feelings in an assertive and positive way. The outcome hoped for is to get the addict to agree to getting treatment. Here at A Better Today we offer the highest quality of care. We have an extremely qualified treatment team who will develop a personalized treatment plan for you or your addicted loved one. The personalized plan is based on the individuals needs and what substances were used and for how long. Our therapists are equipped with a Master's Level or higher education specifically in addiction treatment as well as mental health/ co-occurring disorders. Mental health issues often arise or are exacerbated by the disease of addiction; we off the tools and coping skills needed to live a full life without the use of drugs or alcohol.
Fear of experiencing withdrawal and craving keeps some addicts in the grips of addiction. The first phase of treatment here at ABT is the detox stabilization process. Our detox is medically supervised 24/7. As soon as the chemicals and toxins have been released from you or your loved ones system, treatment can begin. We utilize a variety of evidence based treatment therapies to encourage long term recovery. Our therapies vary from art therapy to cognitive behavioral therapy, yoga to equine therapy to music and group/individual therapy. All of these methods have been proven to be very effective in regards to substance abuse treatment. Before completing treatment we will have devised a thorough aftercare plan for the person enrolled in treatment. Intensive outpatient, transitional living communities, and alumni support of those who have completed our program are all services we offer upon completion of our program. You or your addicted loved one doesn’t have to do this alone, a new way of life without the use of substances is available.

A Better Today Can Help

The disease of addiction like many other diseases is incurable, and if left untreated can be fatal. We pride ourselves here at A Better Today on providing the services and tools needed to combat this deadly illness. We want you or your addicted loved one to be successful in living a life free of drugs and alcohol. Psychoeducation and coping skill development are important to us here that will help the individual to live independently. Our goal is for those who enroll in our program to ultimately learn how to function in society and have a life worth living. If you are personally struggling with an addiction or know someone who is please let us help call (925) 233-6033 and talk with a treatment consultant!.

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