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Addiction Treatment Concord CA

Enslaved by The Chains of Addiction in Concord? A Better Today Can Help.

When someone is in the grips of a addiction the greatest amount of willpower isn’t enough to stop them from using. The disease of addiction is a result of rewiring in the brain affecting how one thinks, feels and behaves creating in the addict an insatiable need to use above anything else. Basic necessities like eating or sleeping play second to the desire to use, propelling the cycle of addiction further. What makes addiction a disease is this rewiring of the brain resulting in loss of choice for the addict, the brain reinforces the need to use. We believe here at A Better Today that addiction is a disease and that we have the tools to combat and overcome this illness. Utilizing the most current treatment methods and qualified licensed professionals we offer substantial quality care. Get the help you need today call (925) 233-6033.

Treatment for Addiction at A Better Today

Centering in the brain, the disease of addiction affects chemicals like dopamine and glutamate and their neurotransmitters. Dopamine releases a feeling of euphoria while glutamate stores the feeling so the addict always remembers how good it felt making it extremely hard to overcome the desire to use. The body becomes very familiar and comfortable with the levels of dopamine that are a result of drug/alcohol use and it makes it very easy to return to using. One must stop using in order to begin recovery and that may seem an impossible thing to do. Intense cravings begin once an addict has stopped using because the brain wants another release of dopamine. The obsession that follows is a result of the stored memory from the glutamate. Our focus here at A Better Today is to remove the chemicals and toxins from the addicted person during what we call a stabilization period which includes a supervised medical detox. Following stabilization the addicted one moves into the next phase of treatment which includes intensive therapies providing skills and various ways of coping rather than using substances. If left untreated addiction can be a fatal illness and destroys families and the individuals life. Get help for you or an addicted loved one now with A Better Today.

A Better Today Can Help in Concord, CA

Addiction affects the mind of the person addicted and having an understanding of that may help either you or a loved one who needs help. This decision can make a difference in someone’s life because this disease is fatal if left untreated. Our therapists are highly qualified and have higher education in addiction treatment. Here at A Better Today we do not believe that addiction is a moral failing but rather a fatal disease. We have the tools needed to combat addiction and we want to help you or your addicted loved one recover and have a life worth living. You or someone you love may be suffering with an addiction, if so we are here to help call us today (925) 233-6033 and break the chains of this disease.