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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Concord CA

In need of Rehab in Concord, CA

Checking into rehab may be a good idea if you or someone you love has become addicted to drugs/alcohol. Various routes of healing addiction are available for no one method works for every individual. At A Better Today we provide a rehab that is comprehensive with a medially supervised detox phase, inpatient care, outpatient services and sober living communities. We acknowledge the diversity in each individual and are equipped to prepare a personalized treatment plan to fit their needs.

What is Rehab like at A Better Today

Taking that first step in recovery from drugs/ alcohol by coming to A Better Today is huge for the person who makes that decision and those who love them. It takes courage to admit you need help and to take action to getting it. Once the individual has arrived the first phase is stabilization where the detox is medically supervised. We provide medications that minimize the symptoms of withdrawal Upon completing the stabilization period, the next phase of rehab follows. During this phase we utilize various evidence based treatment modules. Group and individual therapy are included as well as art therapy to music therapy, equine, yoga, family and cognitive behavioral therapy as well. In addition to therapy, ABT offers education on addiction, relapse prevention and introduction to the 12-step community. We also assign therapist’s with a Master’s level or higher education in addiction treatment and co-occurring disorders with guidance of a life coach that helps the individual in learning coping and life skills that are necessary for recovery. An aftercare plan is prepare prior to the individual leaving treatment to help sustain them in their recovery. In addition to this A Better Today offers an IOP ( intensive outpatient) program 3 nights a week for continued support. We provide our clients with the highest quality care and want to help them succeed in their life in recovery long term.

Start the Path of Recovery Today

Being enslaved by the chains of drug/ alcohol addiction can be miserable and seemingly hopeless for the life of those enslaved and the life of those who love them. At A Better Today our goal is to break the chains of addiction and provide any individual entering our rehab the tools they need to regain their life. We here at A Better Today provide the coping and living skills needed to deal with life after substances. Our rehab has helped many who suffered with addiction and their families to recover from this potentially fatal disease. If you or someone you love is in the grips of a terrorizing addiction reach out for help now A Better Today can help call (925) 233-6033.