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Detox & Withdrawal Concord CA

Going through Detox and Withdrawal in Concord, CA

It is inevitable that when someone is addicted and they attempt to stop or go into detox they will go through withdrawals. The body has become accustomed to and dependent on the drugs/alcohol being used and wants more. We are there every step of the way here at A Better Today to make sure that the addicted person in our care is medically managed to reduce withdrawals and symptoms. It is vital to go through the detox period in order to clear the body and the mind so that they can focus completely on their treatment and recovery.

A Better Today Can Help with Withdrawal

The body becomes addicted to and dependent on the substances that were being used which is called chemical dependency. Withdrawals are a result of chemical dependency when the addicted person stops using. Fear of withdrawal for some fuels the cycle of addiction and repeated use. The symptoms of withdrawal are different for every person depending on the substances that were used, how much and how often. Common symptoms of withdrawal are sweating, shaking, nausea, vomiting, tremors, diarrhea, loss of appetite, anxiety, depression, seizures, and psychosis. With the understanding that one may have to experience all of these symptoms they may be propelled to continue using to avoid them. Here at A Better Today we utilize a supervised medical withdrawal process to help manage these symptoms. The pain of withdrawal is significantly reduced by the medications we utilize. Being honest about what substances were used, for how often/long and what medications the person are prescribed is very important. This information is necessary in order for our physician to develop a plan that will manage the person who is struggling with the addiction’s symptoms. Addiction is a fatal disease if left untreated that affects not only the person using but the lives of those around them.

Better Today Can Help with Detox

The objective of going through detox is to remove the chemicals from the addicted persons body that have accrued over a period of continued use. After the toxins and chemicals have been removed from the body the treatment process can begin. Upon arrival, honest communication with the doctor is vital. If the person who is coming into treatment is not open and honest about what they were using, how much/often and for how long as well as the medications they are prescribed; they cannot receive a proper and personalized detox plan to help them. We offer a supervised medical detox here at A Better Today. We provide medication that significantly reduces the pain of withdrawal symptoms will the goal being to shorten the length of the detox in itself. Going the medically assisted route versus cold turkey is a safer and less painful choice. Withdrawing from alcohol and substances like benzodiazepines can cause seizures that have led to death for some. Detox in a medically supported environment is extremely important. A Better Today has the resources give us a call today (925) 233-6033 let us help.