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Intervention Concord CA

How Do I know a Loved One needs an Intervenion?

Having an addicted loved one in your household or family can be very sad and stressful. Your loved one may not see exactly how they are affecting those around them they may believe they are only affecting themselves. Denial keeps your loved one from seeing the severity of the issue as well as prevents them from wanting to accept help for what in their minds isn’t a problem. Here at A Better Today we believe active involvement from the loved ones of the addict can significantly enhance the addicted person’s chance of recovery. Preparing and executing an intervention may be necessary to jump start your loves one’s recovery.

Preparing an Intervention

The time to prepare an intervention is when you have offered help to your addicted loved one and they have refused or they have a serious problem and wont admit to it. The best atmosphere for an intervention is one of genuine care and concern. An intervention has not gone well when the addicted loved one leaves feeling attacked or “put down” for the behaviors they are displaying. When someone is approached in this way this can drive them further into the pits of addiction.It is recommended to utilize a professional interventionist because they are an unbiased third party. Keeping the process on the right track is goal of the professional interventionist. The atmosphere of love and concern revolves around you and your family voicing their cares to the addicted loved one and how they have affected not only their life but your lives. A balance between assertiveness and gentleness is important. You want your loved one to really pay attention to what is said in the intervention. The desired outcome for an intervention is for the addicted loved one to agree to and enter treatment also feeling like they are supported by their loved ones. Prepare an intervention today for the person you love, help is available. Addiction is a destructive force that tears apart households and destroys lives show your family member they are loved by conducting an intervention today.

An Intervention and Its Benefits

There are many ways an intervention can benefit the person addicted and their loved ones. One benefit is the level of understanding and education on addiction and being able to say how they feel about the addicted loved ones behavior and the effect it has had on everyone’s life. Channels of communication that have been damaged are opened during the intervention preparing the family to provide support to encourage the addict’s recovery. It is crucial that the subject of the intervention has support from their family and loved ones. When this support is in place the person who is addicted has a higher success probability of long term fulfilling recovery, a life worth living for everyone involved. Don’t wait any longer A Better Today wants to help call us at (925) 233-6033 and speak with someone about preparing an intervention.